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We have already mentioned a number of attractive topics which you can use while creating your paper or just get some inspiration from it. Sure, you are aware of some important materials which can become really helpful if you learn them by heart. At the same time, we perfectly understand that some of our ideas from the previous article may be insipid and trifling for young people who are interested in completely different spheres, hobbies, and subjects. That is why they would like to find out more examples of topics and pick the one, which seems to be ideal for them. We will realize this point for making your task easier and more pleasant. It is hard to disagree that writing an essay for you on a lovely theme is nicely and bring you sweet emotions.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

The problem of alcohol abuse is very topical nowadays, and lots of people suffer from this issue. According to statistics, only a few of the kids of alcoholics are able to live a normal life in adulthood. As a rule, they fall into the same traps as their parents and find such type of the behavior normal. Sometimes they gain too many psychological traumas while being children and cannot get rid of an inferiority complex for a long time. You can pick this subject and analyze it. Pay attention to figures, graphs, and medical surveys. Your main target is adult children of parents addicted to alcohol, so you should analyze both their emotional, physical and mental conditions.

Nuclear Capabilities of the Country

This is a present-day topic which makes confused both well-known politics and ordinary people. The most influential countries have enormous nuclear capabilities and are able to destroy anyone who would become their enemy. Thus, this is considered to be the real power nowadays. Sure, it becomes the object of the plot for books and movies, and many news reports represent this problem. Try to highlight this issue in your analytical essay. It is very important to create the full picture of this subject and present surveys, statistics and various predictions which influential people have made in this field.

Genetically Modified Food and Its Usefulness  

In the most cases, people criticize genetically modified food and try to avoid buying it and eating these products. Moreover, protests sometimes occur as well, and many angry and irritated articles appear as a result. Is it really that bad? Alternatively, maybe this is one of the new myths, which frequently appear, in the modern world. Try to find out the truth in your analytical paper. Do not pay attention to articles in magazines but take into account some medical and biological surveys. Genetically modified products are tested many times before being presented in supermarkets and groceries. Search for these experiments and their outcomes in order to prove the usefulness of GMO.

To sum up, there are some truly attractive topics among those, which we demonstrated in this post. Anyone can choose the suitable one and develop several strong and persuasive arguments in order to reach success. Sure, you will have to add something personal to these ideas in order to improve them and make them more interesting for yourself. However, we have tried to do everything possible for creating such useful samples. Hopefully, you will like them and pick at least a few of them for your papers.